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Our Officiants



Wedding Officiant

From his original career as a Roman Catholic Priest to his current work with Integral Weddings, Joe totally understands the key role an effective wedding officiant plays in helping couples celebrate their unions.  Joe’s combined role as an adviser and part-time officiant to Integral Enrichment Center gives him the opportunity to support couples in their desire to capture both the unique love they share as well as any spiritual-wisdom traditions they represent.  

After leaving a twenty year career as a registered nurse, Luanne embarked on an unexpected new career as founder and executive director of Integral Enrichment Center. Through Integral Weddings, she provides couples with an opportunity to share the words, music, and traditions important to them during their wedding ceremony. Her enthusiastic and welcoming spirit makes ceremony planning not only simple and fun, but heartwarming as well. Luanne is deeply grateful to the many couples who have allowed her the opportunity to assist them.

Executive Director
Licensed Wedding Officiant




Wedding Officiant

After leaving a successful career of over 30 years in social services, Integral Weddings was pleased to welcome Bernie to the team.  Bernie has a masters degree in Education from Duquesne University and undergraduate seminary training from Gannon University.  His social service career included counseling high school students and their parents. His passion to support couples in creating their perfect ceremony, and his willingness to make himself available has been deeply appreciated by the couples he has had the privilege to serve.