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We are not your typical dance studio. We understand that learning to dance is not a one size fits all. Our options provide everyone the opportunity to enjoy learning regardless of age or skill level.

Where do you start?

Before jumping right in and taking dance lessons you should take a few minutes to understand our three options a bit better. At the Integral Enrichment Center, we offer Private Lessons, Group Lessons, and "Private Group" Lessons. Check out how they differ.

Why take

PRIVATE lessons?

Option To Pick Your Dance

In a private lesson, you are invited to pick the dance or dances you want to learn. Many new dancers want to focus on only one dance.


Higher Success Rate

Learning to dance is more than thinking about how to do the steps and patterns. It is more about how to prepare yourself physically to perform the associated movement. During a private lesson, we assist by directing you to take advantage of the many tools used by dancers to optimize their health and stamina while dancing. 


Private lessons are scheduled at a time that best fits your schedule. Be sure book your times as early as you can and as far out possible to be locked in. We offer affordable one hour, forty-five minute and thirty minute sessions.

Self Scheduling 

You will love the option of choosing a day and time that works well your your schedule. Our self scheduling system allows you to not only make your own appointment, but to make changes as well.

Why take



The Price

Group lessons are more affordable than private lessons. Our group lessons run between $8-$12 no contracts or long-term commitments. 


Learning With Others*

If you are shy, not being the center of attention or having an instructor watching every move you make is very helpful. If you are outgoing, meeting other people interested in social dancing is a plus. Interacting with other members of the class is one perk to group lessons that often becomes a decent option for a Friday or Saturday night date.

Help In All Directions

Learning the same step as everyone is quite a help. Whether you look to your left, to your right, look forward or over your shoulder, people are there dancing the same step. It is a great way to pick up what you missed so you do not fall behind.

*Changing Partners

Your choice, not ours. We respect that some people prefer being with the person they came with and that if you are taking lessons on your own, you may need a partner to learn. We offer both options. That's our promise.

Why take



Option and Price

You not only pick the dances, but groups of seven or less divide the cost of a private lesson and groups of eight or more pay group lesson rates.

Great Success With Others

Private Group lessons combine the focused attention to details and physicality with the fun of learning with your friends and family. Let's face it, spending a Friday or Saturday night out that includes family and friends is just that much more fun. Think of it as the best of both dance worlds coming together in not only learning, but practicing as well.


Convenience and Help

Our lessons are very convenient and flexible. They do not need to be scheduled on a certain day and time weekly. Most of our groups schedule week to week. And don't forget about the group dynamic of help in all directions. Again a win win for all.

Self-Schedule and Partners

You can choose to self schedule or give us a call. We make scheduling easy. And you got to admit, changing partners with friends is not quite as frightening. As a matter of fact, there is much more laughing.

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