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Why Have An Integral

Heart abstract bw.jpg
Heart abstract bw.jpg

We offer wedding officiant services to all couples looking to have their wedding ceremony in Pittsburgh or surrounding areas.

Let us put our twenty plus years of diverse experience to work for you.

Who is getting married?

Wedding couples today embody a rich tapestry of diversity and individuality, crafting ceremonies that reflect their unique love stories. Whether you choose an intimate elopement or a grand gathering, we work closely with you to emphasize authenticity, inclusivity, and a celebration that's distinctly your own.

What is at the heart of your Pittsburgh wedding ceremony?

Heart abstract bw.jpg
Heart abstract bw.jpg

Unlock the magic of this very special moment in your lives with us as your guide. We know your love story is unique, and you want your ceremony to reflect that. We work closely with you to craft a heartfelt and personalized ceremony that captures your essence as a couple. From incorporating your journey into the vows, to infusing your values and traditions, we ensure that every word spoken resonates deeply, creating a ceremony as "one-of-a-kind" as your love.


Modern | Heartfelt

It doesn't get more real than standing in front of family and friends and promising your life to the person you love. Whether you choose a customized ceremony, or an elopement with only a few guests, your ceremony will keep everyone fully engaged, and happy while celebrating the moment.


Spiritual | Religious

Your ceremony is the heartbeat of the wedding day. We make sure that, if you choose a religious ceremony, or one that reflects your unique religious beliefs, that your words are respected.  So much so, that all customized ceremonies are approved by our couples and delivered as written. 


Blending Traditions

Our wedding couples often want their wedding ceremonies to embrace a spectrum of traditions, blending cultural, spiritual, and personal elements seamlessly. We work closely with our couples to emphasize the authenticity, inclusivity, and celebration that is distinctly theirs.

2024 Wedding Couples
All of our 2024 Wedding Couples' pictures along with the vendors that helped make it possible will be posted after their ceremony. Stay tuned for beautiful memories!

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